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Client Showcase | b. on brand redefines web hosting for the modern world

Once upon a time, the idea of web hosting was seemingly complex to the general consumer, something that required the expertise of a dedicated Webmaster or computer geek. The playing field was relatively narrow and the barrier to entry high.


Today all that is quite different and for the most part, nobody really thinks about their web hosting services except when something goes very wrong. So how does a premium web hosting company reposition itself for modern times and engage entrepreneurs and small business owners who firmly believe in DIY?


b. on brand’s recent project with client media temple(mt) was charged with precisely this mission. For fifteen years, Media Temple has held a solid reputation for being the premium web hosting service for artists and creatives of all kinds, not to mention businesses both large and small.


Yet the client had quite correctly identified that market differentiation had become increasingly challenging for the brand, and that the time had come to reposition media temple(mt) and innovate new strategies for serving and championing the accomplishments of its diverse customer base.


MT 3

MT competitor auditors


b. on brand developed an assessment of the brand’s strengths and challenges using stakeholder interviews, a detailed analysis of com­petitors, audience personas and an in-depth discovery workshop designed to spark new ideas and surface the brand’s core values and characteristics.


Using the idea of media temple(mt) being the “host of great ideas,” b. on brand was able to help the brand integrate this message into its core values and operations, creating a new paradigm for a more “human” concept of web hosting, one that encourages creativity and the spirit of innovation in the digital world.


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