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Client Showcase | Cooper & Kid

We continue to be fascinated with the ever-evolving world of men’s retail, so it was an honor to win the contract for an exciting new project involving men and more specifically, fathers.


According to a recent report from the Parenting Group and Edelman, today’s modern father is increasingly taking a larger role in domestic shopping, caregiving, cooking, and cleaning. Marketers across the board are viewing the changing role of men in the family as a new challenge — and opportunity. b. on brand was charged with developing the business strategy, brand identity, and naming for a unique retail concept with the working title, “Operation Hero”: a men’s online and bricks-and-mortar store dedicated to fathers and fathers-to-be.


b. on brand designed frameworks and analysis to determine the scope of opportunities in developing a compelling and meaningful destination for fathers — while simultaneously innovating the traditional platform of men’s retail.




We also identified the need for a store where both children and wives could feel equally at home, but without diluting the brand experience of a store for and about men and fathers.


Built upon our proprietary insights in men’s retail, b. on brand crafted a model designed to enrich the fatherhood experience with a set of principles that emphasize an “ease of entry,” “inspired innovation,” and “community.” In short, a store that both guides and champions today’s fathers. In tandem, a clearly defined product assortment and service program to ensure a holistic and authoritative market position as a destination for the involved urban dad.



b. on brand defined the brand character with a comprehensive branding approach which resulted in the name: Cooper & Kid, and what we believe will be a model for an altogether different way of marketing to men in a compelling and exciting way that is meaningful to the way they live and shop.

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